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A Penny For My Thoughts

Welcome to my blog! Please tag before you leave=D

Wish I had lots of this!


Having cramps and tummy aches for the past few days and it's really bothering me. It came on and off and I really don't know what is wrong. Today is a totally boring day for me. I guess only my Muslim friends are enjoying their Hari Raya!

Anyway I got curious about why Christian and Muslim have some similar tradition so I went online to search for some information and it's really interesting! I won't comment much because ultimately it is the faith we have for our God. Read it, its really interesting!


Bored to the max now.


Can you believe that I am standing by the counter blogging now? HAHA.


Blogging is not the "IN" thing anymore!


Nobody tag my chat box already!

My birthday Wishlist

August 25, 2010

It's gonna be September soon which means my birthday is getting nearer!!!


This is my wish list if you are fretting what you can buy my dear friends! haha!


This watch super CHIO!!! Saw it yesterday at Toa Payoh Hub and fall in love with it! It also comes with orange, yellow and green. Black and white looks nicer to me! :D


Agnes B heart Series PVC

I like this bag ttm! Been eyeing this for quite some time actually..


Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume "LOVELY"!



I need a new wallet too..


Chanel 8-yen-holder-with-snapped-coin-pocket - Coach Madison Op Art Sateen Medium Wallet


I want to try this BB cream from Watsons!


Not to forget nice cakes!!!!!!! I don't mind flowers too! :DDDD



This is all I can think of!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to have a great time with all my good friends, that will be my biggest wish!

I love Rick Warren quotes



Happy moments, PRAISE GOD.
Difficult moments, SEEK GOD.
Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD.
Painful moments, TRUST GOD.
Every moment, THANK GOD.


July 14, 2010






July 13, 2010

I seldom fall sick for so long! Normally when i'm sick, I'll get well in 2 days. But this time round more than 2 days!


Still having a bit of cough, but I think it's just that my body wants to remove the phlegm in my throat.


Haha, coincidentally I wanna put braces and today I am learning about dental plaque! So now I know why plaque are so stubborn!


I totally agree with this picture.

The lesson today was totally boring! And I'm blogging in class now. Slacky day in lab and I really dislike the new immunology Faci!


Pay day finally arrived! I am planning to save $$ and put on braces! Metal braces is the cheapest, gonna take quite a long time to save but I think it's really worth it :) Hopefully my mum can sponsor a little.. Haven't discuss with her yet though.Just realized I haven't been to see a dentist since Secondary life ended, time to go for some cleaning..


Was not allowed to take pictures of BEAST @ Mediacorp last thurs. So sad, if not I can really take close up pictures of them! I am really lucky, my queue number was 964(limit to 1000), so I thought me friend and I will be sitting damn far. But the staff moved us into the front, the 8th row! SO NEAR! And the showcase was great. they performed all the songs in their second album :))))

So my plan now is

-save $$$ to see dentist

-get a new laptop bag

-new bag for school!

going off to see B2ST now! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Look out for pictures! :D

Holidays are ending!

June 10, 2010

My holidays are ending in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!! Great moments always end fast...

Recently I've join an online website, www.shoppinglifestlye.com which you can redeem shopping vouchers from ZARA, body shop, F21 and more! With one condition, be active in their forum discussion! It's actually pretty fun, you can also post your own topic and people will start discussing. But to get the vouches you must have 600 perk points! Every post will be one point so really have to be very active.

So far i only had 200+ points because all facebook members are entitled 200 free points. So a long way to go...



B2ST is coming to Singapore soon! Although I'm not a big fan of them, but still very excited to see them in real. Have not been to see idols for so long already. The last one I went was Derrick Hoh? I even join his fan club, haha! My friend managed to get the showcase tickets for B2ST and I will be able to get the tickets on Monday! Hope I can get a lot of close up pictures of them but I'm more interested in Doojoon!:D


Anyway I love my song for my blog now! :)

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